Flu Clinics

As a practice we are aware  that some of our patients who are  clinically eligible for a flu jab are experiencing difficulty in obtaining it this year from either the Practice or local pharmacies. This is due to an insufficient supply of vaccine to meet the increased demand driven by Covid 19.

We placed our order, as usual, in December 2019 based on last years’ numbers for the Autumn 2020 flu season.

We asked  the manufacturers for additional supplies this summer but at present they  are unable to meet our request.

Consequently in late July we had to consider how best to prioritise our limited supply of vaccines.  We took the decision that those eligible patients who had visited the surgery last year would be offered an appointment in the first instance.

We also protected our supplies for housebound patients, newly diagnosed diabetics, and those patients diagnosed  with severe clinical conditions.


If we are able to obtain or are given a further supply of vaccine we will update our website.